Centrifugal fans to extract air through ducting from Ø80mm; Suitable for wall/ceiling mounting even through ducts in awkward places thanks to the position of the outlet hole in the corner; Double speed; Backdraught shutter to prevent ingress of air and external odours; Simple to remove washable filter; For ducts Ø80-100mm; Standard version with options of, Timer, Humidity model options; Body and grille in white ABS; IPX5 protected (EN 60529), 45°C working temperature; In accordance with Standard EN 60335-2-80.

Alternate Versions

CRMSLow Performance

CRMMMedium Performance

CRMLHigh Performance

CRM(X)-BAs above

CRM(X)-TAutomatic run on timer with setting of 2-25 minutes

CRM(X)-HTAutomatically starts the fan when the humidity raises above the preset level. Settings available from 40%-90% RH


Objednávací kód:

CRMR kod.png


Viac informácii nájdete v technickej špecifikácii v priloženom .PDF súbore.




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